World Fair

Annual World Fair at Berkshire - May 25, 2018
Posted on 05/04/2018
School District Press Release – Berkshire’s World’s Fair Event

Berkshire Elementary is alive with the excitement of global proportions as it prepares for its yearly annual school-wide “World’s Fair” on Friday, May 25th. A yearlong mission has taken students and teachers at Berkshire’s large, culturally diverse, Dual Language Elementary school to new and fascinating places while simultaneously bringing them closer together as a community.

On Friday, Berkshire’s large outdoor courtyard will be transformed into a global marketplace buzzing with students “selling” and “buying” goods, products, and services that represent cultures from
around the world. Each grade level was assigned a continent and each classroom chose a country within their continent to represent. They have explored the many facets of their country and its culture
through the lenses of different academic subjects. Our World’s Fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to share all they have learned with the rest of the school community. There will be colorful
booths, music, dancing, handmade goods, food and beverage tastings, and so much more! Students will practice basic economic and social principles as they travel freely through the marketplace
exploring the world.

Embracing multiculturalism is a focal point of our school seeing as we are the largest elementary dual language program in the county with over 700 students enrolled in bilingual classrooms. This project
has been a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their talents and creativity while also building an understanding of other cultures throughout the world. Berkshire’s faculty agrees that the
school’s efforts have had a positive impact on students’ learning and engagement.

Friday’s bright, flavorful courtyard marketplace will be filled with Berkshire’s students and teachers who now have a deeper appreciation of many unique corners of the globe. Further, the students truly understand just how globally interconnected we really are - our school and our world.